WOW: Buffon explains decision not to leave Juventus
BY Jeff Stableon Dec 14, 2015


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Gianluigi Buffon has a reputation as one of the finest goalkeepers ever to play the game, but also as an incredibly loyal player.


The 37-year-old stayed at Juventus despite dropping into Serie B and has explained his reasons behind the decision!


Other players in the slide including Zlatan Ibrahimovic were quick to leave the club, but others such as Buffon, Del Piero and Pavel Nedved all decided to stay.



Buffon said: “I chose to drop down into Serie B with Juventus because I thought of you guys.


“I thought about you because I really believe at times you need to stop talking and start taking action.”


Despite winning a World Cup and with massive offers, the Italian left and proved to anyone what makes him such a legendary goalkeeper.


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Was Buffon right to stay at Juve?



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