INTERVIEW: Lionel Messi swears at reporter for questioning Argentina form
BY Joe Thomlinsonon Dec 14, 2015


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Barcelona have flown out to Japan for the start of the FIFA club world cup where their likely final opponents will be River Plate.


Ahead of the match - Lionel Messi spoke to TyC Sports and the star made some eye catching statements after coming under fire back in his native country.


Messi has failed to win any major silverware with Argentina, having lost a World Cup final to Germany and a Copa America final to Chile.


Rather than sponge up the criticism though, Messi has his back in a strange interview where he swore about singing the national anthem.


He said: “I get annoyed when they tell us put in more effort, you don’t feel the shirt. We were lucky enough to get to the final of the World Cup and the Copa America and it seems like we didn’t do anything.

“We got to two finals, for f***’s sake. We didn’t win, what can you do, but we got to the final, we didn’t lose in the last 16.

“Football is not just about having balls. We had bad times in the national team for what we experienced. We lost the final of the World Cup against Germany, who have great players, and we had great chances to win it. With Chile it was the same and we lost on penalties.”

“I won’t sing the national anthem on purpose. I don’t need to sing it to feel it. Every person feels it in their own way.

“Once they started moaning about it, I started doing it on purpose. Whether you sing or not isn’t going to change anything. I think it’s a load of nonsense.

“The anthem strikes a chord with all of us, but everyone takes it in their own way. I don’t need to sing it for it to mean something to me. The Pumas [Argentina rugby team] might cry, but we don’t. We take it a different way and that’s fine.”



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Was Messi right to swear at the reporter?



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